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At Inner West Damp we offer a range of services to solve your damp problems.

Our approach is focused on diagnosing the issue correctly and offering the right solution. What may appear to be rising damp could be something as simple as a leaking gutter or garden bed transferring moisture laterally into the walls of the house.

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From Problems to Solutions

Do you have a problem with Damp?

Many people are unaware they have a problem with damp.
Do you see any of these common signs in your building?


Peeling Paint


Flaking Plaster


Mortar Between Bricks Falling Out


Rotting Skirting Board Timber


Musty Odours


Condensation on Windows

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Damp and mould can also cause general health problems such as allergies, asthma and sinus problems. We can inspect your property and diagnose the underlying cause of your damp problems, leaving you with the peace of mind that you and your family are safe and healthy.

Rising Damp

In simple terms rising damp occurs when ground water travels upwards through porous building materials such as brick, sandstone, or mortar.

This dampness then extends to cause secondary dampness to a building resulting in problems such as paint flaking, wall stains, and the appearance of mould.

The video below provides an excellent explanation of rising damp, and demonstrates the best selling rising salt damp solution in the world, Dryzone.

Fan Ventilation Systems

fan ventilation system

We design and install fan ventilation systems to ensure adequate ventilation in your home. This is most commonly needed in semi detached properties with no cross flow ventilation and terraced housing with no free standing walls. All our fan systems come with a replacement 4 year warranty



We are the only installer of Dryzone in Sydney's Inner West.

Dryzone is the best selling rising salt damp solution in the world. It offers a higher degree of protection against rising damp than traditional chemical solutions. Dryzone is safe, environmentally friendly and offers excellent value.

We also sell Dryzone and Dryrod for the DIY market. Want to save some money? Then DIY your rising damp. Ask us about a free demonstration

Damp detection


We use the latest technologies in damp assessment and detection.

Damp meters can be used to detect the source of dampness. Without this device it is very difficult to determine where the damp is coming from.

Sub-Floor Ventilation

Musty odours and condensation on windows can appear in a building with inadequate ventilation.


Improved sub–floor ventilation allows clean, fresh air to circulate under your floor, helping to reduce musty odours inside the home.

Installation of new vents

new air vent

Having adequate cross flow ventilation in your sub-floor helps prevent, cure or reduce timber decay, cupping of floor boards, and risk of termite attack. New vents also allow natural light into your sub-floor making it less desirable for termites and other nasties.

We use quality Aleta products and have a wide range of vents available to suit your style and budget.

Replacement of vents


A simple, inexpensive and effective means of keeping damp to a minimum at a sub–floor level is to upgrade the existing vents. We regularly replace old and cracking vents with new high quality brass wire mesh vents.

It doesn't matter how many terra cotta vents you install you will need to change them for the brass wire mesh vents eventually.

A Word From Our Customers

Thank you so much for the wonderful job you have done. I am very happy with your work and your invoice is more than fair, especially as you also removed the plaster for me. Please feel free to give people my phone number, if they want to speak to any of your previous customers. I am happy to recommend you wholeheartedly.

Tony (Lewisham, Sydney)

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